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Direct marketing solutions in Warwick and the surrounding areas

Direct marketing is a fantastic way to boost your audience and increase your circulation and sales. Unfortunately, many companies and small businesses are unaware of the full benefits that direct mail distribution can bring. Southern Downs Distribution is the premier pamphlet delivery service in Warwick and surrounding areas. Our dedicated team will make certain that your advertising material reaches your target audience promptly and reliably. With low costs and high strike rates, Southern Downs Distribution is your first choice for effective distribution services. Please contact our friendly team today for more details or browse this page for answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

Does direct letterbox advertising work?

Direct letterbox advertising has a greater proven strike rate than other advertising mediums such as radio.

How do we know our pamphlets will be delivered?

We conduct weekly random checks of all areas to minimise the risk of non-delivery and all walkers are put through an induction course. However, if non-delivery does occur we will do everything in our power to correct the mistake as soon as it happens.

Can I select the areas to distribute in that best suits my needs?

Yes. We can tailor a distribution to suit your budget or business needs. Warwick and Stanthorpe are sectioned off into areas where we offer mail services. Allora, Clifton and Killarney are whole town distribution areas and for Toowoomba we use Darling Downs Pamphlet Distributors.

What happens in bad weather?

When possible we place material directly into the mailbox. We maintain a very strict 'no throw' policy. When delivering in the rain, our team of walkers try their best to minimise the chance of your advertising getting wet. In heavy downpours, they will place material in specially made bags. In light showers, our staff will wait a few hours then deliver. When very windy, we band the material so it will not blow out of the mailbox.

Will my pamphlets get lost in other material?

No. All our staff have been through an induction and have been shown the correct folding manner. If you see your pamphlets inside another pamphlet please inform us immediately. We do not tolerate this and it is a dismissal offence.
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